Maintaining your piano with a mindful touch.

Proudly serving the communities of Southern Maine,

    coastal areas to Wiscasset, and the Sebago Lakes Region


    Pianos are the most complex mechanical device found in any home, with a typical instrument containing over 10,000 parts. Unlike other keyboard instruments such as harpsichords and organs, pianos are truly expressive. The player is able to articulate every note, and the piano has become increasingly popular because of this capability. Throughout its 300 year existence the piano has had a history as varied as the eras through which it has lived, and while it continues to mutate and develop in parallel with evolving technological, artistic, and aesthetic demands, the piano remains quite unchallenged as the greatest of all musical instruments.

                                                                                      My name is Jason LaWind.  
                I offer dependable and affordable piano services that have helped thousands of people make the most of their pianos.

What I Offer

  • Rebuilding
  • Moving 

    Moving a piano is no small task!
    You can count on my experienced team
    to handle your piano gracefully and safely.

Most manufacturers recommend that you tune your piano once every six months for the best sound. If you are playing your instrument regularly this is sound advice. Even if your piano is seeing minimal use, I recommend tuning at least once a year. Concert venues, teachers, professionals, and others who are serious about the quality of  sound from their piano may require several tunings in a year.

When servicing your piano, I will always give it a thorough inspection. Minor adjustments and/ or repairs are included in the cost of a tuning.  If you're interested in its history, its parts, or its working condition, just ask. When additional or more intensive maintainence is required, I'll give you a personalized recommendation about how to proceed.








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